..kiss these sour lips.. (losersintuition) wrote in oldschooldubs,
..kiss these sour lips..

a few new shots of the car

me and a friend were bored one day so i cleaned the wheels and decided to shoot a few shots of the car.
hope you like them:

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I was looking at the pics thinking "damn that looks a lot like Rando's car" and.......... it is... wow I'm awesome
Is that the factory grille that came with it - or after market? My MKII Jetta has the rectangular head lights but I wanna switch to circulars
well its an 83 so no its not the factory grill cause all 83's came with the horrendous squares and turns. But it is a grill that the factory did produce. It came off a cabriolet.
You would have an easier time switching to rounds because the mk2 front end bolts on rather that needing to be welded on like the mk1 front end.
check here: http://www.pgperformance.com/
they have the kit for $230
hope this helps <3
thank you - it does, I haven't been able to find anything like that :)
no problem
what good is this community if no one can help